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Mass Effect Fan Fic Thing
Chapter 1
"From the day I was brought into life, I have been nothing but a substantial detriment to my family, my clan, and the entire Migrant Fleet. My mother, one of the Stonewall's best and brightest engineers, passed shortly after delivering me into the arms of my father. At first, nobody blamed me. How could they? It wasn't my fault she could no longer hold on, and it wasn't my fault that the FTL drive overloaded with my mother in the engine room, desperately trying to repair it. I wasn't even born yet. The resulting explosion left her injured for the rest of her days, but thankfully without an infection. She managed to save the Stonewall, but at a high price.
After she passed, I was brought into the care of my father, my aunt, and my older sister. I was raised as any normal Quarian child for the most part. That is, until we discovered my biotic abilities. When the engine room exploded, my mother was exposed to Element Zero, as was I. Nobody could have guessed unt
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Jason L4D Poster by NightmareOak Jason L4D Poster :iconnightmareoak:NightmareOak 1 3
Fallout 3 Ridiculous Argyle
I turn on the radio just in time to hear the beginning of a new adventure. The adventures of Herbert “Daring” Dashwood and his “Stalwart Ghoul Manservant” Argyle. The shows are always great to listen to, great to take your mind off of the shit hole you live in, but I never really cared for some of the acting jobs. Mind you, I realize it’s the definition of simplistic and supposed to be a tad corny, but it all seems a little racist sometimes. After all, a Super Mutant never simply told me to shut up. They usually scream with fury and then with pain before getting real quiet.
I begin stretching, hoping to get a bit of training in while nobody’s trying to wear my bones around their neck. I was always told to maintain my body if I wanted what I learned to mean anything, so I do my best. You see, I’m not only a fan of Dashwood and Argyle, nor am I just somebody they helped. I am, as far as I know, Argyle’s only remaining student. Ben Daniels is the na
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United States
I basically made this to post this one picture, but maybe I'll have other stuff to put up later.

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Okay, folks.

Some of you have read my Mass Effect Fan Fic. Most people have not. I have no idea why anybody who hasn't been introduced to it in one form or another would even be on my Deviantart, but it's whatever.

So Owen may get upset about this, but that's fine because I think it's funny and he usually thinks things I think are funny are funny too.


Owen is trying to welch on writing the next installment of the story despite the fact he was to write after I finished my story. He claims he's more of an idea man and not a good writer, so he's told me I should continue writing while he just reads.

What I want you all to do, anyone who reads this, is to post a comment here expressing in the most humorous and/or clever way possible your disgust with Owen and exactly how you feel about him as a person. Enjoy!
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